MozaiQ is a community organization which strives to serve the LGBTQIA+ people in Romania. MozaiQ aims to develop the Romanian LGBTQIA+ community through solidarity and trust, working together with other actors in the community and allies. Our work consists mainly in building LGBTQIA+ social groups in major Romanian cities, organizing the community, increasing the visibility of the community in the public sphere, engaging with the alternative culture scene, offering special care to the needs of a diversity of groups inside the community, and advocating for equal rights and protection for LGBTQIA+ people.


Community building, supporting and representing the LGBTQIA+ (lesbians, gay, bisexuals, trans, queer, intersex, asexuals) Romanian community through programs that meet the needs of our members.


Improving the quality of life of LGBTQIA + people in Romania, protecting, supporting and promoting their rights and freedoms, thus ensuring that they can fully and indiscriminately enjoy their participation in the key areas of society and community life, education, health, culture, and political participation.


A society where LGBTQIA+ people can actively participate openly and visibly in the public life, in politics, economy, and culture. A society where the different needs of the community are addressed through adequate public policies and services, in order to assure that LGBTQIA+ people enjoy the acceptance and respect in their local communities and in society as a whole.