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FAQ about the Constitutional amendment

About us

MozaiQ is one of the main LGBTQIA+ community organizations in Romania. Our mission is to develop the Romanian LGBTQIA+ community under the banner of reciprocal solidarity and trust, working together with other actors in the community and allies. Our work consists mainly in building LGBTQIA+ social groups in major Romanian cities, organizing the community, increasing the visibility of the community in the public sphere, engaging with the alternative culture scene, offering special care to the needs of a diversity of groups inside the community, and advocating for equal rights and protection for LGBTQIA+ people.

In addition to our main mission, we strive to offer adequate assistance to LGBTQIA+ Roma, trans people, HIV+ people, sex workers, and community members that are in precarious socioeconomic conditions, especially seniors and young people.

Statistics about the community

One of the main priorities of the Romanian LGBTQIA+ movement is to make the community more visible.

The Romanian LGBTIQ+ community is heterogeneous and the problems that its members encounter are profoundly intersectional.

Source: FRA LGBT Survey 2012

A part of the community

Our purpose is to develope the LGBTQIA+ Romanian community and we can do this only from inside it.

Together with our partners, activists, and friends we fight to achieve our objectives and promote our mission and the interests of the community.

Full equality for LGBTQIA+ couples.

MozaiQ advocates for the full legal recognition of same-sex couples and has proposed legislation in this regard.

We believe that the Romanian state should assure the legal recognition of all couples, indifferently of their sexual orientation or gender identity, acknowledging and protecting the dignity and rights of all Romanian citizens.